Production of PVC pipes

May 13, 2024

PVC plastic is a multi-component plastic, and different additives can be added according to different uses. Due to different components, PVC products exhibit different physical and mechanical properties, which are suitable for different applications. The proportion of PVC plastic pipes in plastic pipes is relatively large.

RPVC pipes are made by mixing PVC resin with stabilizers, lubricants, and other additives, and then extruding them into pellets using an extruder. They can also be extruded into shape using powder materials in one go. RPVC pipes have good chemical corrosion resistance and insulation, mainly used for conveying various fluids and as wire sleeves. RPVC pipes are easy to cut, weld, bond, heat and bend, making installation and use very convenient.

SPVC pipes are made by adding a large amount of plasticizer, a certain amount of stabilizer, and other additives to PVC resin, and then extruding them into shape after granulation. SPVC pipes have excellent chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation, and good flexibility and coloring properties. This type of pipe is often used instead of rubber pipes to transport liquids and corrosive media. It is also used as cable sleeves and wire insulation pipes.


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