Lubricating agent series (paraffin wax ,PE wax, palm wax, Stearic Acid)

December 16, 2019

Lubricant is an additive can improve plastics processing performance.According to the mechanism can be divided into external lubricant and lubricant in two.Lubricant can increase lubricity on the surface of the plastic during processing, reduce the adhesion force on the surface of the plastic and metal, make the mechanical shear force down to a minimum, so as to achieve without damaging the plastic performance under the condition of the purpose of processing and shaping the easiest.The lubricant can reduce the internal friction of the polymer, increase the melting rate and melt plastic deformation, reduce the melt viscosity and improve plasticizing properties.Actually every kind of lubricant, can achieve a certain requirement, is always a combination of internal and external lubrication, is only in one area is more prominent.The same kind of lubricant in different polymer or different processing conditions will show different lubrication, such as high temperature, high pressure, the lubricant will be squeezed out and become a lubricant.