Chlorinated Polyethylene ( CPE )

December 16, 2019

Chlorinated polyethylene resin is a new type of synthetic material, with a series of excellent performance.It is excellent impact modifier, PVC plastic is also a good comprehensive properties of synthetic rubber, has a wide application field, has been widely used in cable, wire, rubber hose, tape, rubber and plastic products, sealing materials, flame retardant conveyor belt, waterproofing materials, thin films and various profiles etc products.CPE can, high and low pressure polyethylene and polypropylene, ABS, such as blend, improve the flame retardant properties of plastics, aging resistance and printing properties of the products.

Mainly used in: wire and cable (such as coal mine with cable, UL and VDE standard specified in the wire), hydraulic hose, automotive hose, adhesive tape, rubber sheet, PVC pipe modification, magnetic material, ABS modified and so on.